Our goal is for the Partnership Centre to be the flagship contributor to research and translational activities in health systems sustainability in Australia, with evidence and lessons for our international counterparts.

The NHMRC, along with their funding partners, proposed three key areas of work for the Centre under the headings: Appropriateness and Quality of Care; Analytics and Root Cause Analysis; and Better Value for the Health Dollar. These areas were noted as not being mutually exclusive and have subsequently been organised by the Centre into eight Research Activities grouped under the following three Research Area headings:

Research Area 1:

Using Analytics, Technology and Shared Data to improve health and system performance

Research Area 2:

Reducing Waste and Low-value Care

Research Area 3:

Promoting Better Value for the Health Dollar

We anticipate that the summative system impact of each area of research will be larger than the total contribution of each individual research activity. A printable summary of the Centre’s research agenda is available here.