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Webinar on ‘Designing cost effective primary health services’

17 October 2018 (Wednesday) at 12noon–1.00pm Sydney time – Register here

Commissioning of health services by Primary Health Networks (PHNs) is a relatively new healthcare concept in Australia and there is limited experience from Australian programs to guide PHNs on the best way to conduct commissioning.1 A recent review found insufficient evidence to identify a preferred commissioning model and that commissioning impacts were highly context-dependent.1

This WEBINAR by Professor Jonathan Karnon and Dr Kenneth Lo will discuss the research and present an evidence-informed framework for cost-effectiveness analysis that recognises the many complex variables, such as intricate funding models, clients with diverse needs, presence of numerous stakeholders with different roles and interests, and uneven levers/instruments for PHNs.2


1. Gardner K, Davies GP, Edwards K, et al. A rapid review of the impact of commissioning on service use, quality, outcomes and value for money: implications for Australian policy. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016;22(1):40-49.

2. Braithwaite J. Changing how we think about healthcare improvement. The BMJ, 2018;361.

Delphi Study conducted by Research Area 2: Reducing waste and low value care

Our research team have had a busy year working on a scoping review for research stream 2.2: lower cost delivery of effective and appropriate services. The scoping review has allowed us to gain insight into the current research evidence on alternative models of service delivery (e.g. care provided in the home instead of in hospital).
The next step for our research team is to prioritise the alternative delivery arrangements for further investigation. We are seeking input from key stakeholders and leaders in the field on the delivery arrangements considered to be of highest priority for closer investigation. We also need input on whether there are other promising alternative delivery arrangements, not already identified in the scoping review, which should be further explored. Through this work we hope to identify opportunities for system gain where effective and potentially lower cost alternatives exist.
If you would be interested in participating in our prioritisation process, or you would like some more information, please contact Polina Putrik at [email protected] or Rebecca Jessup at [email protected].

Redefining Healthcare – Value-Based Health Care on 8–9 October 2018, Brisbane

This workshop will explore concepts and frameworks of value-based care delivery, such as understanding patient segments, identifying opportunities to improve current services, measuring meaningful outcomes, accelerating learning in clinical teams and achieving new payment models. As leaders across health care embrace the concept of value, many are seeking ways to accelerate transformation within their organizations. Please join Professors Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace from the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin for a two-day interactive dialogue among leaders in value-based health care. Further details are available here.