Telehealth services are vital for maintaining mental health during a pandemic

While the physical health risks of COVID-19 increasingly dominate conversations around the globe, often lost in the conversation is the potential toll of the disease – and the steps taken to stop its spread – on people’s mental health. Anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness can all increase during these uncertain times. Mental health services...
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Mapping the literature on the implementation of e-mental health programming

Mental illness is global health issue that, according to the World Health Organisation, will affect one in four people in their lives. To meet this growing challenge, both well-established and novel approaches will no doubt be necessary. Among the alternative models of treatment and prevention are e-mental health services, which comprise all technology-enabled therapies, such...
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In defence of thongs … and science

“A recent article in The Age advised against wearing thongs. It stated that thongs lead to poor joint alignment that damages joints; and damaged joints require surgery. The reality is that wearing thongs is just fine, and most damaged joints do acceptably well without surgery.” Read the full story in Professor Rachelle Buchbinder‘s The Age article, In...
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60 Seconds with …. Sharon Sanders

How would you describe your research? I am doing research in the area of overdiagnosis, specifically overdiagnosis in non-cancer conditions.  Overdiagnosis happens when a person receives a diagnosis they don’t need. In other words, they receive a diagnosis that ends up causing more harm than good. The idea that a diagnosis is not necessarily “good”...
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New study on children’s acute abdominal pain care points to deviations from established best practices

A child suffering from acute abdominal pain may receive notably different care based on where he or she is taken for medical attention. This is a finding at the heart of a new study by the PCHSS’ Associate Professor Yvonne Zurynski, Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite and colleagues — in collaboration with CareTrack Kids—published in BMJ Quality...
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