PCHSS Annual Investigator Meeting, 6 May 2019

On 6 May 2019, the PCHSS hosted its annual Investigator Meeting at Macquarie University. Over 50 people, including academic researchers, healthcare system-based leads and funding partners, met to discuss the progress made by the PCHSS research and the future of health system sustainability. Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite opened the workshop with an overview of the structure...
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New report by Prof Tony Scott, The future of the medical workforce

“WHAT THE FUTURE LOOKS LIKE” In the future a larger, and so more expensive, medical workforce is likely to face increased  competition, along with increasing pressures from within to change cultures and demonstrate improved value and productivity for patients, governments and private health insurers. Technology (and better information) needs to be used cautiously to ensure...
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Election Spotlight: cancer, chronic and complex health conditions in the healthcare system

As Australia’s population ages, many people are living longer and dealing with more and more health conditions. So what policy solutions are the major political parties offering when it comes to chronic and complex health conditions? Find out when Professor Tony Scott discusses how the election affects the future of healthcare in Australia on ABC...
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More is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to alerts given by electronic medication management systems.

New research by Professor Johanna Westbrook and Associate Professor Melissa Baysari shows that a more evidence-based approach, combining learnings from nudge theory and choice architecture, is needed for hospitals to be able to deliver decision-making support system that will improve patient outcomes while reducing the burden on clinicians. Read the full paper, Nudging hospitals towards...
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Better health care can ‘make economic sense’

PCHSS’ Investigator Jon Karnon has moved to Flinders University to jointly lead their expanded Health Economics Group with Professor of Health Economics Julie Ratcliffe Read more about this new South Australian research group focusing on improving aged, disability and public health care models is commencing at Flinders University this year at InDaily.