Event Outcomes

NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability - Full Investigation Team

Investigator Workshop 22 May 2018

The full Investigation Team came together at the Australian Institute of Innovation to discuss research progress and plan future research strategy.

Most streams are completing scoping reviews and prioritising the highest-value interventions in collaboration with system partners. During Years 2 and 3 implementation partners will be sought to pilot and evaluate scalability of interventions. The level of interaction between Research Streams was notable.

A report of the Workshop is available here.

Preliminary Investigator Workshop 23 June 2017

Members of the full Investigation Team – Research and System Leads as well as Investigators nominated by Funding Partners – came together at AIHI to plan the first year’s research strategy and to map out ways to optimise collective endeavour, prior to commencement of the Grant. The outcomes of the Workshop are available here.

Inaugural Symposium: NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability

This symposium, held on 16 March 2017 in Sydney, was attended by over 120 people from all around Australia. The proposed research plans of the Investigation Team were presented and then participants assisted in shaping and refining the future research agenda of the new Partnership Centre. This highly productive day of deliberation was followed by a Consumer Symposium to purposefully involve consumers in co-designing and co-producing research.

Communique, Outcomes Report, presentations (below) and photographs from the Symposium are now available here.

Opening Address: Ms Annette Schmiede (Chair) and Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite (CI)

Research Area 1: Using Analytics, Technology & Shared Data

Research Area 2: Reducing Waste and Low-Value Care

Research Area 3: Promoting Better Value for the Health Dollar