NHMRC Partnership Centre: Health System Sustainability

Project Description

Sustainability of health systems is a key concern in Australia and elsewhere in the developed world. Much has been written about fiscal sustainability as well as getting better value from what is already spent. Sustainability implies that the health system endures and adapts by ensuring limited resources (physical, financial and human) are used efficiently and responsibly enough to continually maintain or improve population and individual health and wellbeing in a constantly changing external environment. It must deliver on the triple bottom line i.e. simultaneous financial, social and environmental return on investment. It includes adapting how we deliver services, health promotion, more prevention, corporate social responsibility and developing more resilient and enduring models of care.

Our researchers conduct sustainability analyses of health systems and explore models for conceptualising and creating sustainable organisations to deliver healthcare in the 21st century. We contribute to national and international models for health system sustainability. Our researchers are committed to seeing health systems improvement move from a localised, small-scale empirical endeavour, to one that is theoretically sound, efficient and cost-effective when performed at scale, and with the ability to be widely deployed and to have sustainable results.

Research themes

Our research spans a range of themes including:

  • understanding appropriateness and quality of care in the health system
  • applying big data techniques and analytics to reduce health care costs and improve patient health system outcomes and quality of life
  • leveraging e-health and advancing technologies to deliver improved patient-centred outcomes
  • using studies and trials to improve clinical and health policy decisions to support and optimise health outcomes
  • improving consumer and clinical engagement through shared health information
  • contributing to health policy, practice and health system performance sustainability through the development of new models of care


Symposium Location

Amora Jamison Hotel
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