The NHMRC’s Partnership Centres funding scheme is not a traditional researcher-initiated grant scheme.  The overall goals and work plan for a Partnership Centre are determined by NHMRC and its Funding Partners in response to the needs of the health and healthcare systems.

Partnership Centre are virtual centres, comprised of a collection of policy, practice and research organisations. The objectives of all Partnership Centres are to:

  1. support implementation of research-informed changes in health and health care systems;
  2. undertake synthesis and dissemination of existing research relevant to improving health and health care system performance;
  3. undertake collaborative new research to improve health and health care using methods that are cross-sectoral, inter-disciplinary and national in scope; and
  4. build capacity, within the research community to undertake applied research, and within the system to use research as part of change management.

The purpose of this Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability is to explore the issues impacting health care system sustainability and develop and evaluate a set of implementable interventions that are appropriate from a clinical, patient and economic perspective. The outcomes of this work will be practical in nature and relevant to governments at all levels.

Sustainability implies that the health system endures and adapts by ensuring limited resources (physical, financial and human) are used efficiently and responsibly enough to continually maintain or improve population and individual health and wellbeing in a constantly changing external environment. It must deliver on the triple bottom line i.e. simultaneous financial, social and environmental return on investment. It includes adapting how we deliver services, health promotion, more prevention, corporate social responsibility and developing more resilient and enduring models of care that are accessible to all patients who will benefit from them.